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Letter To Fans November 2009

Greetings Earthlings!

My hilarious, new 18-song Christmas collection, “It’s A Red Peters Christmas!”, is now available at iTunes and at all fine music download sites everywhere! Check out the direct links below.

It's a Red Peters Christmas!






It features holiday classics from Tiny Tim, Nerf Herder, The Arrogant Worms, Rudy Casoni, Lil' Mikey Roohan, Francine, The Queen Of Obscene, and yours truly, Red Peters to name a few! Check out the playlist below.

I'll also be featuring all of these songs and many, many more on my two-one hour Sirius XM holiday specials with the same name, "It's A Red Peters Christmas!".

They will air December 21 (part one) and 23 (part two) at 7pm ET on Howard 101, and replay Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Also, on December 28 at 7pm ET on Sirius XM, Howard 101, I will broadcast my Year End Rear End show that will feature some of the best new and old fucked up songs from 2009. There’s some real beauties!

Here is the complete playlist for the new collection. You gotta hear it to believe it!

It’s A Red Peters Christmas!

Compilation 2009

  • Holy Shit, It’s Christmas!- Red Peters3:04
  • It’s Christmas, And You’re Sucking On My Balls- The Beaver Boys1:50
  • Santa’s Gonna Kick Your Ass- The Arrogant Worms1:21
  • Merry Fucking Christmas- Those Dreaded Gnats2:26
  • Silent Butt Deadly Night- Pull My Finger1:00
  • Sno’ Balls- Rudy Casoni3:12
  • Great Big Xmas Balls- Q2:35
  • Santa Santa- Jackie West (with brother Billy)1:27
  • Naughty Or Nice- Francine, The Queen of Obscene2:50
  • She Gave Me Blue Balls For Christmas- Lil’ Mikey Roohan3:55
  • Merry Christmas From The Taggarts- The Billionaires Club5:35
  • I’ve Got A Boner For Christmas- Nerf Herder1:50
  • A Christmas Warning- El Privates2:44
  • Herpes Infected Christmas Elf- Pooch1:03
  • Gangsta Rap Christmas- No Talent2:20
  • Gimme Stuff- Rappy McRapperson2:46
  • Santa Claus Has Got The Aids This Year- Tiny Tim3:01
  • You Ain’t Getting’ Shit For Christmas!- Red Peters3:56
  • Produced by Red Peters
  • Executive Producer- Carl Caprioglio
  • Advertising & Marketing- Mark Copeland
  • Label- Oglio Comedy Entertainment
  • Cover Illustration- Tim Shamey
  • Distribution- Fontana/Universal

For more information, contact Mark Copeland, Oglio Records 310-791-8600 x-2


Red Fan Quotes

Love it every time you are on Howards Show!! Joseph Chicago, IL

Red- You are awesome, keep up the great work! It is really some great funny stuff. Have a great one! Jim Strong, Paramus, NJ

Been laughing our heads off since I laughed - I cried - I fudged my undies! John Franklin Park, Illinois

I’m pretty fired up for the Labor Day Spectacular! I hope Sirius keeps the show on a regular basis now that the merger went through (and I hope my Sirius stock go back up!). Enjoy the weekend Red! Luke

Hi RED: I LOVE your work -- fucking awesome!!!! Keep up the excellent work. Mike

Funny shit man. . . you can never have enough songs about jackin’ Shiteman Sunnyside, NY

I love your work!! I am a sick perverted woman who collects anything penis related, so of course I would like “Red Peters” :) R Hunter Phoenix, AZ

I think your music is the best. I have most of your cd’s and always look for more. David Hollywood, FL

Red, you are the best! Thanks for all the laughs. Roy Lynn Haven, FL

Still miss the show. I email Tim every once in a while demand he put you on and call him a dick. Take care you sick fuck. Damn Greg

Hi Red, I own your first 2 CD’s and I really enjoy them. . . they are so funny!!! Matt G. Anaheim, CA

I love your music!!! Makes my day on Stern’s channel with your songs. Brian Clayton Portland, OR

I’m looking forward to getting to listen to your Summer Song Sizzler! Deldra Cage Syracuse, NY

Have you noticed the Sirius stock has dropped since your show hasn’t been on. The company has suffered!!!! Larry Little Rock, AK

Awww....Shit I can’t wait to hear your special Red! Alex Tampa, FL

I am your fan since the 1st time you were on Howard’s show. I look forward to your next show. Merrie K. Reseda, CA

I listen any time you are on. I’ve taped every show! :-) Ashlee Tampa, FL

That was a great special Red. Alan Heisinger Central, NJ

love the music! A.P. Las Vegas, NV

Good goddamn show, Peters! The latest show is classic as always. Can’t wait for the next new episode! I hope Sirius puts it back in the regular rotation, where it belongs. Vince Orange, NJ

A Blue Ribbon for the BEST Red Peters Show EVER! Red, the Summer Song Sizzler! was STELLAR! It was good to have you back on the SIRIUS airwaves! Rich NYC

You are my Idol. Good work. Mike N.C.

hi red, great show and nice to hear you on sirius again, you are the man! Chris Connell

you fuckin rule red Hen Whitesboro, NY

Hey Red, what a great show, it’s been too long. Hopefully now that the fucking merger went through the fucknuts at Sirius will have you on more regularly. All I’ve been hearing is merger, merger, merger then it goes through and nothing happens how anticlimactic. They need to do something, the shows they put on are rediculous, I don’t need to hear some old bitty squack or hear a bunch of dipshits kiss some low life’s ass. You have real content and they need that on these channels. Anyway Thanks for the show and I hope to hear you again soon. DK

Hi from Russia! Fox Band, Russian Federation

hey man. . . im so glad howard introduced me to your stuff. . . love your sirius show (when its on!) Wishmaster Sparks, Nevada

You are hilarious. I bought “fudge your undies” when it came out. Keep it all up. Trevor Galloway, Ohio

Love the tunes !! Louie Carolina, Rhode Island

I love your stuff and I love listening to you on Sirius! Thomas Perkins Lombard, IL

Love ya, Red Chris R. Columbus, OH

Cant wait for the sirius xm holiday show!!!!! I’ve been putting my year off for this. Matt Freeland, PA

“Red.. Just wanted to say, I miss your show on H101.. Hope all is well” Al Central NJ

Great work on your songs! You’re a great addition to the Howard 100/101 line up! Lazy Comic NJ

You are the man.... I first heard you on Howard Stern and I do own your Cd’s... Cool Crespo Pennsylvania

Your music cracks me up. You are great on Howard 101. Keep it up! Jim Metuchen, NJ

Mr. Peters. . . I have been enjoying your music for close to 15 years! And where can I find you when I am visiting my favorite city BOS Tom Wauregan, CT

A new fan, thanks to Blue Collar Comedy on Sirius S. Murly Montana

looking forward to hearing this special concert god Whiittier, CA

love your songs!. . . . so funny Jennifer San Antonio, TX

Man I miss your show like hell. When are you coming back to sirius. Jon Meredith

Love your stuff! Bob Worthington, OH

Red! I’ve had lots of fun singing karaoke to some of your greatest songs, such as “Blow Me” and “How’s Your Whole”. The looks I get from the audience are priceless... Tom Shelny, MI

Ho! Ho! Ho! My mom turned me on to you recently after listening to your Ol’ Blue Balls is Back CD. It has brought us closer together. We haven’t stopped singing your songs aloud since we listened to it. Can’t wait to share it with the family this holiday season. We know they’re gonna love it too!

Thanks a million for the laughs!!! Sara El Sobrante, CA

Loved the Christmas special again this year.  Nothing says the Holidays like your annual collection of craziness….Can’t beat songs like “Just a Little Christmas Blowjob” and “It’s Christmas and you’re sucking on my balls”  Love it!  Keep up the great work – I love the show….. Tom L. Chicago, IL

We love all of your stuff, especially around Christmas! Jabali San Antonio, TX

That was a good special Red.. Thanks for the entertainment... Alan Heisinger Central Jersey, NJ

you don’t get enough time on howard 101 haha.. thanks again love your shit dude! Don T. Conway, NH

I’m a big fan, Red. Keep up the great work. Andrew Chane Ventura County, CA

awesome shit you do on stern James Wood Randolph, MA

Thanks for putting a ribald smile on my face. Mike Cowan

your song “the closing song” is hilarious. . . . I’m using it for the end of my wedding reception to get everyone out. Crystal P. Elizabeth, NJ

Cum Stains is the BEST!!! Thanks!!! Dean Akron, OH

Red, are you still on Howard 101? I can’t seem to find you. I thought your show was brilliant. What gives? James Johnson Seattle, WA

I love your work! The musicians on all those songs you feature are really talented...even the vocals! Shawn Berry Peterborough, ON

Great stuff Red...I played Come Stains for a buddy at work one day and we were asked to leave until we could control our laughter!! Joe Childs Central Jersey, NJ

Big fan for years Red....I once got suspended from high school for sharing your music. Good times. Steve Nagle Springfield, MA

Thanks so much, Red! Love your tunes & shows, bro! Dave Berns Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Huge fan for many years! David Auerbach Dallas, TX

Damn Red you have got to get back on sirius. I friggin miss your program. I have written 13 emails to sirius and howard asking for you to be put back on. Jon Meredith Tupelo, MS

your funny as hell JT Fuller Henderson, WV

Red- I’ve howled to your stuff for eons and thanks for the mammaries!! Scott Maxlean Boston, MA

Im a big fan RED!!!!! Johnny Fratto LA, CA

i just bought i can’t say these things on itunes great song thanks to howard stern for introducing you to he nation!!!! Jon Prodanovich San Diego, CA

We love you Red! Ape Fight Jersey City, NJ

Yessss.. i love your music..big fan. Jessica Votour Charlottetown, PE

your music is fucking hilarious! Anfrea Horn Reading, PA

I caught your christmas show 08, and bought your CD’s from oglio, but cant find your air times from Howard101. Please send me when you are on Sirius. I love your stuff.. Patrick

Been a huge fan for years! I love your work and have for a long time. You’ve given me many laughs... Thank you!!! Patty Powers Rochester, NY

Thanks for the laughs Red..! Tom McCarthy Boston, MA

love the music! Made me laugh thank you! :) Robert Central Square, NY

Hey red love your cd’s hows your whole thanks for all the great laughs. Stan Westland Boston, MA

My favorite songs’’’ why cant i say these things’’’ you should get a platinum record for that one. Big fan of you songs... Victoria Russo New York, NY

I just wanted to thank you for all the great and funny song you have composed over the years my favorite has to be the alphabet song i think is what its titled great song funny* Matt Roberts New Orleans, LA

The song “When I Jerk Off” actually makes my heart stop..BRAVO! Thromb

love your work! Wes Thierry SF, CA

You are the best Red! Gerald Hooksema Modesta, CA

Love your stuff! Keep it comin’! Randy E. Nashville, TN

I like your songs there funny. Josh Adams Brockton, MA

Your stuff is great! S. B. Midwest, Indiana

Hey Red - Are you going to do another show on Sirius again soon? I really like those shows. Thanks...Chris Appleton, WI

Mr. PETER’s your the GREATEST...!!! Tommy Baltimore, MD

You’re a lyrical genius Red... And my dad to boot. Daniel Dudek Buffalo, NY

You are awesome!! Darlene Attleboro, MA

Whens the next time on Howard? I love your work Peace and Love Marc Rochester, NY

Hey RED I’ve been a long time fan! Hello from the AZ Desert! Shaman

Red should be the new Lawrence Welk and be on every sunday at 6 o clock,,,priceless!! Rick F.

you got my ass yelled at by my wife.....she gets up and comes downstairs....i had left sirius on and stern was playing “Will you swallow my cum” as my wife and daughter come down the stairs.....I was rudely awaken from a deep sleep and bitched your tunes! Anthony A. Cincinnati, OH

Red. Big fan of yours from the Quincy area. Love your work. Chris Goulet Quincy, MA

I’m a fan of your music. It touches me in (appropriately) a place that no other music has touched me before. Oh I just thought you might get a kick out of this. I played your music at my high school graduation party and my 80yr old grandparents were ecstatic over it, they said it brought them back in time. But they are going deaf and couldn’t really hear anything other than the melody. Haha Nate Boston, MA

Red we absolutely adore you! Your songs make our day! XO Cydney Light Houston, TX

Great songs! John Moser Inland Empire, CA

Your songs are awesome! Big fan. John Herbstritt Chicago, IL

You are the BEST/FUNNIEST song writer EVER!! enjoy you every time you’re on the stern show and hope to hear you again real soon!!! Amy Rosen St. Louis, MO

Love your music Red!!! Dane Weller Overland Park, Kansas

Mr.Peters, I am a huge fan- will your radio show ever be back on howard 101? Michael Arter Philadelphia, PA

Loved your show on Howard 101. Will you be doing any soon? Maryann Dodge Albany, NY

i,m a big fan love your music its great Adrian Harper Jr. Cincinnati, OH

You are absolutely hysterical, especially the song about A Dog Named Stains. Abe Kastner Nassau County, NY

I love your music and your show on sirius! You fuckin’ rule man! S.C. USA

I play the Closing Song every night I work at the Titty Bar. . . Unkle Rob O Little Rock, AK

Love your work. Keep ‘em cumming. Erwin Kaufman Parkland, FL

Hey Now!!! Luv Your Music!!!! Dorie Rickard Charlotte, NC

I love your show on Sirius Marc Zweben Massapequa, NY

Hey big guy, we go on our baseball trip next week and it will be Red Peters Day every day. We will enjoy your cds, you are the best. Joe Lannon Boston, MA

You don’t know how many times I’ve listened to “I Wanna Polka”, and said to myself, “ I wish I had thought of that.” I’m very grateful for the add on to your vast array of fans. Count me as one! Uncle Dow Thomas St. Petersburg, FL

I love your music as I was introduced to it by listening to The Howard Stern Show. Kerri Edelman Toms River, NJ

Red, I love your work! I have been a fan since you sang the beautiful song, “A Ballad of a dog named Stains.” Brings a tear to my eye and makes me run for a box of kleenex. Such a heartfelt song. I can also still hear the boy calling “Cum Stains! Thanks for the music! Greg Fairview Heights, IL

lovin the music!!! Joetry LA, CA

keep doing what you do, red we need people who put humor in music... and you’re one of the best later Patrick Fitzgerald Attleboro, MA

Looking forward to Monday nights Red Peters special! I cannot wait! BVB Bald Hill, Oregon

It’s about goddamn time we get new Red Peters! Barry S. Berwick, ME

Go RED! I miss the RPCMH :( Irving Plante Columbus, OH

Looking forward to the BBQ BJ spectacular! These shows must keep coming... Larry Toriano Rochester, NY

Funny Show 2 nite!!! I enjoyed it!! Dorie Rickard Danville, NJ

good show the other my house it is now called a blow vacation! Anthony Hacker

Labor Day blowjobs and hotdogs. My favorite! Gary Rutstein Manchester, NH

More Red Peters for everyone! Rodinator Stormy Pond, Iowa

I love your show, You rule red peters!! keep up the great work, I have never laughed as hard as hearing some of the songs that your listeners send in its great!! Ian Russell Prescott, AZ

hey Red, Love your songs Tim Costello Union Mills, IN

Red Peters RULES!. John Sostek Boston, MA

Red - love your work,keep it up Andy Rankin UK

Hey Red Been a favorite for years....with my band I love to sing Blow Me at formal events....I introduce it as a very romantic song....about halfway through people are rolling there eyes and most of them are laughing their ass off....some don’t like it and to them I say light the fuck up....thanks for all the great songs. Wally Welch Waltham, MA

I loved you BJ show! I couldn’t stop listening. Funny and emotionally pertinent to every guy I’m sure. The special could be educational (or if you wish, ejaculational) for any broad (can one still say that?) . We need more of this in sex ed classes. I’m not sure, but I think I got turned on. Terrific, keep it up..... but don’t quote me John Lisanti Roslindale, MA

Love your music! G. Peck Streator, IL

I’ve been a fan longer than I can admit. Love ur appreciation for th ludacris & idiocy in the world. Susan Green Brown Mills, NJ

You’re the greatest what happened to your show on howard 101? A. Goldman Kingsborough, NY

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