Exclusive Photos of the Jump In Las Vegas!

Is That A Flying Elvi On Your Back, Or Are You Just Glad To See Me?
Red Peters freefalling over Hoover Dam
Red freefalling while tandemly attached to "Elvi", Joey K. and holding hands with two other "Elvis" at more than 10,000 feet over Lake Meade and the Hoover Dam in Nevada.

Petrified Peters' Chute And Mouth Open
Red Peters chute opens
Red and "Elvi" Joey K. at the exact moment their parachute opened. Red suffered extreme discomfort in the groin area from the straps, but kept his cool and managed to land safely.

Red Returns With Stains
Red reunites with stains after the fall
Gushing with excitement, Red greets the crowd as he embraces Stains after the pup miraculously parachuted from the heavens over Las Vegas into his arms.

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