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I Can't Say These Things (Bleeped) I Can't Say These Things (Bleeped Version)

I Can't Say These Things (Unbleeped) I Can't Say These Things


From Boston Beats - Your Guide to Boston's Music Scene
Red Peters - "I Can't Say These Things" (Ball Bag/Oglio)

Combining Antonio Carlos Jobim, Frank Sinatra, and Monty Python, Somerville's own Red Peters presents a Latin lament about the FCC and all the other yahoos who would curtail free speech (Attorney Generals excluded, of course!). In an effort to avoid being a total pr-k to them, Peters offers both a "bleeped" and "unbleeped" version of the song. And though anyone with the most rudimentary of rhyming and euphemism decoding skills should be able to figure out either version, they are both sophomorically fun and intelligently pointed. Way to go, Red!
-Matthew S. Robinson

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