Letter To Fans October 1999

To my beloved fans,

I've got great news, I've just finished doin' number two . . . the long awaited sequel that is, to "I Laughed, I Cried, I Fudged My Undies". ......."Ol' Blue Balls Is Back "- that's the title and it's due out in February 2000. Don't worry, you'll be hearing sneak previews of the new stuff before then, on the radio and right here on www.redpeters.com.

My manager, Owen Money, has been making travel arrangements and booking me around the country and it looks like I could be appearing at radio station or record store near you very soon.

As usual, I'm working with many of my ol' friends on this album, band leader Babe Marino, Alan Pinchloaf, Lou Cielball, Joy Kingoff and all the gang. And on my new record, I've brought in even more heavy hitters: Philip Oliver Hole, Bob DiBona, Harry Cox, Fanny Dinkins, Dick Tornoff, Yo Ma Ma, and many more top musicians for these sessions. Not bad for someone whose father called him the "poor man's Frank Sinatra".

We're also about to complete a major update to the website which will include:

Did you catch my appearance on the Howard Stern's CBS TV show this summer? He aired a portion of the heart-wrenching video of the song "Ballad of a Dog Named Stains", and part of of my interview on his radio show. Check out the nice new photos of Stains, Bobby, Howard and myself.

As we near the last holiday season of the millenium, I'd like to encourage all of you to give the gift of a Red Peters album to someone dear to you. They are availble through this website, at your favorite record store (Warning: you may have to ask them to order it, but please hurry) or through your favorite on-line dot com music supplier. Last year we had an overwhelming amount of orders, and many stores ran out early. Thanks to Howard Stern, Dr.Demento (#3 Christmas request), and all my radio friends around the country. Thanks for the spins.



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