Letter To Fans June 2000

Hello all you Redheads out there!

It's been great finally meeting a lot of my fans in person as I travel around America! As some of you already know, I've been out doing track dates at comedy clubs on my "Happy Hour" tour. I'm promoting my new CD "Ol' Blue Balls Is Back" and I've been singing all my songs, including classics from "I Laughed, I Cried, I Fudged My Undies!". I'm having a good old time, but believe me, I've definitely stunned a few people.

I've been hitting our nation's hotspots and I'd like to send my personal greetings out to some of the nuts I've hung with. A big hello to Chicago (Gina, did I leave my underpants in your car that night?), St. Louis (Big Al, thanks for the back rub.), Des Moines (Trish and Chrissy, next time can I join in?), Omaha (Ruth, I always wondered what they meant by that.) Boston (Carol, the bite mark is healing nicely.), Grand Rapids (Jack, I told you that wouldn't fit up there.), Columbus (Debbie, the cotton pair looked best.) and Erie (Linda, how did you like the "tea bag" trick Mojo showed me?).

Plus, I'm stopping by, hanging out and getting stupid at a shitload of morning radio shows along the way. I especially want to thank Rick and Scott in Grand Rapids, Todd & Tyler in Omaha, Lou & The Round Guy in Des Moines, Kane and Steve & DC in St. Louis, Waggs and Eliot in Columbus and Mojo and Nat in Erie, PA. Without you guys, I'd be nothing.

For all of you who are wondering when I'll be in your town, my manager, Owen Money is putting together my schedule for future shows, so keep your eyeball on the NEWS section of this site for updates. Besides track dates, I'm doing some live gigs with the Babe Marino Band and I'll be accompanied on vocals by The Delicious Dips. I'd love to see you there.

And always remember, when it's gift giving time, consider the quintessential, "Undies" and "Balls" album combo. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Until then, my friends, keep taking the pills and don't scratch.

sincerely yours,



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