Letter to Fans February 7, 1900*

Dear Fans,

Welcome Redheads to the all-new Red Peters Website! It couldn't happen at a more exciting time. I finally recorded another album and it's called "Ol' Blue Balls Is Back!" It's got 24 tracks and includes ten new songs and new and classic bits! Pinchloaf is back, no hamsters, two new dogs, Babe Marino, Lou Ceilball, Kook, Mr. Bogus ... they're all back. And they even brought their friends. The Phillip Oliver Hole Singers, Meat Raffle and Three Dog Mouth to name a few. You can't beat that for talent. I'm also on a new label, Ball Bag Records. They're a fun bunch to hang with.

Keep an eyeball out for my new TV spot. You're gonna shit. It'll run on Comedy Central and select cable markets around the country. It features several of my new songs, including the romantic "I Don't Just Love You Down There", my new disco tune, "Pullin' It All Night Long", the "I Wanna Polka Polka" and the heartwarming "Doggy Style".

Let me know what you think of the improvements here at redpeters.com. Please take your time and explore the website. There's plenty of new MP3 samples and free downloads and all sorts of photos and other surprises. There's more new stuff on the way. Our Web Wrangler, Rich Martin has done a fantastic job. Be sure to re-check the "Undies" section, there's a bunch of new stuff in there also.

The new album is being released on Feb. 15 and will be in record stores (in the comedy section) all across America and at your favorite .com sites. You can even purchase "Ol' Blue Balls Is Back!" right here in our order section, and can also find my first CD, "I Laughed, I Cried, I Fudged My Undies!" for sale. My new on-line boutique ("Shirts and Shit") will be launched sometime soon. Giftware will include "Blow Me Hankies", "Ol' Blue Balls- Balls", "Spelling Song Toys", photos, posters, shirts, bumper stickers, and lots more real good shit!

In the meantime, get yourself a copy of "Ol' Blue Balls Is Back" - Tell your friends... and keep your ears open and your hands on your organs.

Yours truly,


* Sorry, we're still working on becoming Y2K compliant. Be assured we're working as fast as humanly possible to rectify the situation.

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