Letter To Fans December 1999

Season's Greetings,

I've got great news, I've just finished recording Volume III ... my last album of the century and the long-awaited sequel to "I Laughed I Cried, I Fudged My Undies". It's called "Ol' Blue Balls Is Back " and it's due out in February 2000 on Ball Bag Records. You might have heard some of the cuts by now. I released "You Ain't Gettin' Shit For Christmas!" and "The Spelling Song" to hundreds of radio stations across the nation. Special thanks to my fans in Boston, Richmond, San Diego, Bakersfield, Green Bay, Kansas City, Miami, Columbus, Memphis, Wilkes-Barre, Oklahoma City, Kalamazoo, Albany and Little Rock. Call your favorite station today and request it if you haven't heard it yet. You're gonna shit! Also, I'll be doing lots of phoners around Christmas, so keep your legs, I mean your ears open.

I worked with many of my ol' friends on this album, band leader Babe Marino, Alan Pichloaf, Lou Cielball, Smelly Water and all the gang. I also brought in many more heavy hitters: The Philip Oliver Hole Singers, The Harry Kuntz Orchestra, Three Dog Mouth, Meat Raffle, Dick Tornoff, Yo Ma Ma, and many more top musicians for these sessions. Not bad for someone who's father once called him the "poor man's Frank Sinatra".

As usual, I continue to experiment with many musical styles on this record. Besides the big band and orchestra music I love so much, I also recorded a disco song called "Pullin' It All Night Long" and a polka called "I Wanna Polka Polka". You'll also find classic bits like "The Pope" and "Peenitch" and new ones like "Up Your Ass" and "Natural Causes Chicken."

We're also about to complete a major update to the website which will include:

With Valentine's Day coming up, I'd like to encourage all of you to give the gift of a Red Peters album to someone near and dear to you. They are availble through this website, at your favorite record store (Warning: you may have to ask them to order it) or through your favorite online dot com music supplier (Amazon, Barnes & Noble and CDNow). Special thanks to all my fans who bought "I Laughed, I Cried..." as a holiday gift. Now that's one thoughtful gift!

Be sure to tell your friends... "Ol' Blue Balls Is Back!"



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