Letter To Fans December 2003

Greetings My Fellow Redheads

It's the holiday season once again. Thanksgiving was on a Thursday again this year and holy shit, Christmas, Hannakuh and Kwanzaa are just around the corner!

This holiday season, I'm involved in two really big projects due out in 2004. Actually three, including the re-release of my first two albums and a few new bits and songs.

I'm just finishing up shooting a film, where I'm playing myself (not to be confused with playing with myself) called, "Johnny Slade's Greatest Hits", starring John Fiore (Sopranos, Law & Order), Richard Portnow (Uncle Junior's lawyer on the Sopranos and Stern's father in Private Parts), Dolores Sirianni (You've Got Mail, Mickey Blue Eyes), Frank Santorelli (Georgie the bartender on the Sopranos), Ray Iannicelli (Oz, Law & Order) Jennifer Blaire and a lot more really great actors you'd know if you saw them.

Tough Night For Red
This is a photo of me in the movie after they kick the shit outta me.

It's a really silly mob spoof about a two bit singer, Johnny Slade (not me jerky, I play a comedian) who gets hired by the boss of the family (played by Vincent Curatola; Johnny Sack on the Sopranos) to sing at his newly opened club. Since he is on the lam, he passes information about hits and hijackings on to his henchmen by having Johnny sing lyrics he writes each day which contain the secret orders. Sort of a "39 Steps" scenario with an absurd twist. It was written and is directed by Larry Blamire. My esteemed producer, Eddie Grenga and I are also adapting and arranging the songs for the movie. The songs are a friggin riot.

In the flick, I bust Johnny Slade's balls so much, that he gets back at me by having these three Italian tough guys kick the ever loving shit out of me. It's pretty funny.

I’m also co-starring, playing myself again, in a TV pilot called “Carol”. Carol is this rather large, flamboyant, clueless “woman” who works in the diner next to my night club. Carol was written and is played by Greg Roman, who is best known for his outrageous, short cult film, “Titler”, which took Sundance by storm a couple years ago.

In the pilot episode, I get into a sticky jam with neighborhood teenagers, get poisoned by a laundry guy named Hoya Foya and eventually sing “How’s Your Whole… Family?” with Carol and the cast. It’s a make believe world where something just isn’t right.

Good news about my albums and new material. In March 2004, both albums, “I Laughed, I Cried, I Fudged My Undies!” and “Ol’ Blue Balls Is Back!” will be re-released into the stores and on pay per song websites such as iTunes. They will contain bonus tracks not currently on the original releases. “Diana”, “The Ten Second National Anthem” will be on “Undies” cd, and a new bit titled “Assbasing”, and a never before released musical gem called “Tell Me Why” will be on “Ol’ Blue Balls” cd.

So, for those who think I’m dead, forget about it. I just smell funny! Only kidding. I’m kicking ass and should get a few new laffs in 2004.

Thanks again to all my DJ friends across America for playing my songs this year and to Dr. Demento for keeping my Christmas songs high on his list. And my special holiday wishes go out to all our girls and boys in uniform around the planet who listen to Armed Forces Radio. Thanks a million and hurry home.


Give yourself a handy, you've earned it!

Red Peters


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