Letter To Fans December 2002

My Fellow Redheads

The holiday season is upon us and I'm beginning to feel that tingling, jingling feeling in my pants. A time for giving and receiving. Yeah, just the way I like it. Anyway, enough about me, what's been going on with you? I so enjoy reading your letters and e-mails describing how my music comes in the face of the adversity we all encounter every day. For instance, I was corresponding with a few friends and fans on-line when my friggin' hard drive had a minor stroke and gacked all my files and addresses. For someone who tries to get back to every person that writes me, I bet there's at least a couple people out there that think I'm a doucebag. If Johnny Invietro from NYC or my nephew, Chris Peters are out there, drop me a line and re-establish contact.

One thing I like this time of year is listening to all the great Christmas music. Especially "Holy Shit, It's Christmas!" with The New Christy Hamsters and "You Ain't Getting' Shit For Christmas!" with Smelly Water and The Alan Pinchloaf Singers. Two songs I love to sing, although I still hate those wiseass hamsters. I'll never forgive those little bastards. I hope they stuff those little freaks up a gift wrap tube again this year.

Anyway, don't forget to request my Christmas songs at your favorite radio stations and radio shows. I want to thank all my DJ friends out there especially Howard Stern; Dr. Demento; The Hillman/Mantown; Mancow; Opie + Anthony; Crazy Jay; Johnny Dare + Murphy; Joe + The Poorboy; Todd 'n Tyler; Walton + Johnson; Wags + Elliott; BC + Woody; Mojo, Nat + Ron; Paul Castronovo; Matthew In The Morning; Tim, Bev + Bad Dog; The Freakshow; Lou, Round Guy + Heather, Storm + Birdsey, Mark + Brian, Outlaw Dave; Max, Tanna & Moffitt; Spankmeister, Brother Wease; Sean Jeffrey/The Facemelter; Mojo, Eddie, Dolphin, Spamboy + Bob; Dennis & Callahan; Rick & Scott Morning Show; Paul & Al; Kirk, Mark, Lopez; Dave + Carole; The Outlaw/Tommy Smith; Bob + Tom; Ken Allen; Danny + Carole In The Morning; Drew + Mike; Mike McKelley; The Love Doctors and Mark Parenteau to name a few.

And don't forget to consider my cds as Christmas gifts. They make great stuffing stockers. And each contains a classic, heartwarming Christmas song. And since no one buys cassettes anymore, I've decided to blow-out my entire inventory of Red Peters cassettes. From now on, when you purchase any cassette, you'll get another cassette free!!! That's right, two cassettes for the price of one, $9.95! (plus $4 shipping) Whether you need a new set for your shitbox or want a set for that old boombox or cassette player at the cottage, or maybe even for a collector's item, now is the time to act. Holy Shit! Imagine owning an "Undies/Balls" combo for the price of one? Both cassettes for $9.95!!! Or two "Undies" or two "Blue Balls" cassettes? I'm getting a boner.

Well, that's it for me. I haven't even started shopping so I got to get going. Keep those cards and letters coming and who knows, maybe 2003 will bring another Red Peters album. My attorneys say this might be the year. Let's hope so.


Keep stroking it.



P.S. - If you enjoy word games, or "text adventures", check this guy out. Anyone who digs "Holy Shit" can't be all that bad. Read on.

Hi Red,
I am a nobody, (Dana Crane-aka Mystery), who writes games for a small community of other nobody's, and doesn't make a dime doing it. To put it plain and simple, I write Interactive fiction games for a program called ADRIFT. These are text adventures where people have to type in crap they want to do, look at, manipulate and stuff like that. http:/www.adrift.org.uk - I am making a game for the users of this program (x-mas present) and would like to use Holy Shit It's Christmas in the game. Being as I am probably the only person dumb enough to ask for permission, I am hoping you will say yes. If you have any questions, please drop me a line.


It sounds like you're a good shit and there's nothing like a good shit so yes, you may use the song. When it's done let me know.


Hi Red,
I have finally finished the game. If you would like to link to the site the game is being hosted on it is.....


Then click on the ADVENTURES Link

The name of the game is ADRIFTMAS PARTY by Mystery. To be able to play the game people will need to download the latest ADRIFT Runner from the Downloads page. (The runner is FREE)

I want to thank you again for allowing me to use your work. It's been a lot of fun.

Dana (aka Mystery)


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