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I've heard "The Spelling Song" twice on Q-FM96 in Columbus, and I can't get it out of my head. I can't begin to tell you how much this song has helped me deal with the attorneys in my office. I'm an Office Manager at a downtown Columbus law firm, and all the lawyers here (and everywhere else, I assume) are assholes. Your beautiful song has helped me find inner peace when dealing with these assholes. This week, when they've called me into their office to bitch about the lack of respect with which their secretaries treat them, the dirty spots on their carpets (figure that one out for yourself), and their inability to play golf during the winter months, I have been able to say, "I understand. I'll take care of it," and have been able to walk away humming "The Spelling Song" to myself. You've probably diminished the potential incidents of workplace violence and work-related suicide by at LEAST 50%.

The melody is soothing, and the lyrics are cathartic. A rare combination.

Thank you again. You've saved my sanity.

Columbus, Ohio

P.S. I don't think I can wait until February. Is there a way to get a copy of "Old Blue Balls Is Back" before February? I'd love to give a copy to all of the support staff in my office. I've tried to explain and sing the song to them, but I don't do it justice. Maybe just singles of "The Spelling Song"?

Hi Red, I tried to call into WAAF today while you were on, too bad I couldn't get through!!! I wanted to tell you my sweetheart and I were married on November 20, and during the wedding ceremony I had the DJ announce for my brandy-new wife to meet me on the dance floor where I presented her with a rose and we danced to "Rocket In My Pants".

I provided the DJ with your CD so he could play most of the cuts mixed in with the other music. I think we may have to renew our vows when your new CD is released. I've been a fan of yours since I first heard you on WAAF. Oh, we are in our 40's so we relate well !!!

Keep up the GREAT work !!!

Jerry & Sharon Richard

Hey Red, I just heard for the first time ever a song of yours....Holy shit its x-mas.

You see, I typically only listen to the radio at night while i am working...so I don't get to hear much aside from mainstream music. And that D.A.D.H. Nick Thomasma on WGRD in Grand Rapids Mi. Any way, I usually only catch the first hour of Rick Scott and Lesleigh, and they crack me up. Well on Christmas Eve, Rick and Scott did a 3 hour Christmas song Marathon, and "holy shit" was the last song they played...and i had to pull over and piss in a customers driveway ( i am female by the way so you can imagine that) because i was laughing so damn hard. And Today is payday so i am off to the store to buy my first Red Peters Cd.

Your great!!

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